Entrepreneurship propelling social empowerment, making lasting impact on society, economy

In India, entrepreneurship has grown to be a potent force that is promoting social empowerment and having a long-term effect on the country’s society and economy. Innovative businesses are addressing urgent social concerns, improving marginalised communities, and boosting the economy thanks to rising economic affluence.

In line with a wave of fervent changemakers is Sachin Manchanda who plans to support environmental preservation projects, education, livelihoods and skill development, upskilling youth and middle-aged people, rural development, water and sanitation, child welfare, women’s empowerment, healthcare, and strengthening services.

Young entrepreneurs in India are actively bridging socio-economic gaps by creating ventures that cater to underserved communities. Manchanda took the reins of philanthropic work through charitable organisation, Sachin Manchanda Foundation, which was founded with a vision for the alleviation of the less fortunate and underprivileged rungs of society.

He has also been involved in numerous commercial and residential real estate projects in prominent locations of Delhi-NCR establishing his group as one of the leading real estate developers in the region.

Following ESG principles, entrepreneurs are having a long-lasting effect on the society by tackling social issues, empowering marginalised communities, generating employment opportunities, and encouraging innovation. Taking similar strides, Sachin Manchanda Foundation is promoting education, good health, and economic empowerment. It ran various programs, including distributing sewing machines for underprivileged women, encouraging women to form self-help groups, and providing blankets and warm clothes to the homeless and championed initiatives like ration distribution, student scholarship programs, COVID-19 pandemic health support care, organising sports events among others.

India can unlock the full potential of its entrepreneurial spirit via collective efforts, fostering inclusive growth and advancing the country towards a wealthy and just future.